Algae Eater Plus, Algaecide

Algae Eater Plus, Algaecide
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00907022 Pool Algae Eater Plus 1 gal $9.99

Algae Eater Plus Pool Algaecide

Suncoast Chemicals Algae Eater Plus Algaecide is an efficient, economical, easy-to-use algaecide that controls the growth of algae in pools and keeps pool water free and clear of visible green and blue-green algae.  Great for treating above ground or inground pools; one half gallon of Algae Eater Plus Algaecide will treat 10,000 gallons of pool water.  This algaecide even allows you to enter your swimming pool just 15 minutes after application! 

  • Clears swimming pool water of visible green, green-brown, and blue-green algae and algae slime 

  • Improves filter operation and reduces need for other pool chemicals

  • Compatible with most chemicals used in pool water

  • Will not damage tile, concrete, metal or plastics

  • Economical and easy to use

Causes of Algae in Swimming Pools

There are many contributing factors that can lead to algae growth in your swimming pool, but the most significant is not having enough sanitizer plus poor water circulation from not running the pool pump enough. Other common influencing factors that allow algae spores to grow include:

  • Neglecting to shock your pool, leading to higher levels of chloramines (chlorine that has done its job and is now inactive)

  • Improper pH and total alkalinity in pool water

  • Insufficient doses of stabilizer, creating a low chlorine level in the pool

  • Too much phosphate in pool water

  • Neglecting to use preventative doses of algaecide

  • Not running pool equipment long enough

  • An overall irregular or nonexistent pool maintenance program

  • A pool finish that is very porous

  • Weather conditions that are hospitable to algae, such as high humidity and heat