Suncoast Chemicals Chlorine Neutralizer

Suncoast Chemicals Chlorine Neutralizer
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Suncoast Chlorine Neutralizer

Specialty Chemical / Pool Stain Treatment

Chlorine Neutralizer lowers your pool's chlorine residual and increases the effectiveness of attempts to remove inorganic pool stains

  • Granular Sodium Thiosulfate

  • Helps lower chlorine residual, increases effectiveness of removing inorganic stains

  • Dissolves quickly

  • Use as part of the Suncoast Chemicals Pool Stain Treatment System 

Suncoast Chlorine Neutralizer Directions for Use

Swimming pool water should have a chlorine level between 2.0 and 4.0 ppm to be safe for swimming. The chlorine level may be increased above 4.0 by periodic superchlorination or excessive feeder dispensing. If the chlorine level is above 4.0, reduce it to the 2.0 - 4.0 range before swimming. Suncoast Chemicals Chlorine Neutralizer will quickly lower excessive chlorine levels when used as directed. 

Wait at least eight hours after superchlorination before using Chlorine Neutralizer to be sure contaminants in the pool water are oxidized. Test the chlorine level of the pool water. If the chlorine level is more than 4.0 ppm, add Chlorine Neutralizer directly to the pool water, distributing it evenly around the pool while the filter is running. 

Refer to the dosage chart on the product label for the amount of Chlorine Neutralizer needed to lower your chlorine residual to the proper level. If the chlorine residual is too high to be read on your test set, add Chlorine Neutralizer in small amounts to avoid overtreating. Retest one-half hour after each addition.