Solus PH Down Spa pH Decreaser

Solus PH Down Spa pH Decreaser
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Solus pH Down Spa pH Decreaser

Decreases pH levels in your spa or hot tub

Solus pH Down is an easy-to-dispense solution that reduces the pH level in your spa or hot tub. A high pH level can cause destructive scale build-up; Solus pH Down helps avoid damage to spa surfaces and spa equipment by preventing the buildup of scale.

Solus pH Down Spa pH Decreaser is used to lower the pH in spa water. The water in the spa should be maintained at a pH of 7.2-7.8 and total alkalinity should be maintained at a level of 80-140 ppm (parts per million). Test spa water frequently with a suitable spa water test kit to ensure that the proper pH is maintained. Solus pH Down is compatible with all sanitizers including bromine, chlorine and biguanide.

Solus pH Down Directions for Use

Solus pH Down should be used if pH is above 7.8.

  1. Turn on air blower or spa filter system.

  2. Add one ounce of pH Down.

  3. Retest spa water after 30 minutes.

  4. Follow steps 1-3 until pH and total alkalinity are in the range of 7.2-7.8 and 80-140 ppm respectively.

Note: Do not add more than one ounce at a time. Always wait 30 minutes between doses and test spa water before each addition of Solus pH Down.