Solus Spa Alkalinity Up

Solus Spa Alkalinity Up
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Solus Spa Alkalinity Up

Raises Total Alkalinity in Your Spa or Hot Tub

Critical to alkalinity levels in spas and hot tubs, this granular formula effectively raises alkalinity levels which might otherwise cause spa equipment corrosion. Solus Spa Alkalinity Up is a special compound used to increase the total alkalinity in spa water.

When the alkalinity level in your spa or hot tub is in range, it acts as a buffer to keep your pH level constant. The recommended total alkalinity level for spas and hot tubs is 80-140 parts per million (ppm). If your spa alkalinity level is below 80 ppm, use Solus Spa Alkalinity Up to raise the total alklinity level. Alkalinity Up:

  • Is easy to use and dissolves quickly

  • Helps keep spa pH level constant

  • Increases the effectiveness of spa disinfectant

  • Helps prevent spa equipment corrosion

  • Helps prevent scale formation and etching of spa surfaces

Note: Always adjust your spa or hot tub's alkalinity before adjusting the pH.

Solus Spa Alkalinity Up Directions for Use

Test for total alkalinity with a reliable test kit. The desired range for total alkalinity is 80-140 ppm.

This product increases the effectiveness of the disinfectant and helps prevent scale formation. It also prevents corrosion of metals and etching of spa surfaces, eliminates "bounce," and maintains pH at the proper level. Solus Spa Alkalinity Up is easy to use and dissolves quickly.

  1. Add one oz. Solus Spa Alkalinity Up to spa water.

  2. Allow water to circulate for 30 minutes.

  3. Retest water and repeat Steps 1 and 2 until the desired level is reached.

For best results, dissolve granular products first by adding to a small plastic pail filled with water.