Solus Spa Descaler

Solus Spa Descaler
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00922807 Solus Spa Descaler QT $13.99

Solus Spa Descaler

Helps prevent chalky build-up on spa surfaces and equipment

Solus Spa Descaler helps prevent the formation of scale build-up on the surfaces and equipment of spas and hot tubs and aids in the removal of existing scale. Spas and hot tubs saturated with minerals (dissolved solids) allow salt deposits to serve as reaction sites where calcium crystals can grow. Solus Spa Descaler alters the normal pattern of growth of calcium crystals.

Solus Spa Descaler Directions for Use

For spas up to 800 gallon capacity: Add two oz. at least once per week.

  1. Add Solus Spa Descaler directly to spa.

  2. Run the spa filter for one hour or normal filtration cycle.

Note: There could be some clouding of spa water due to Solus Spa Descaler reacting with minerals in the water. This will clear when the reaction is complete.