Suncoast Pool Chemicals Leak Sealer

Suncoast Pool Chemicals Leak Sealer
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Suncoast Leak Sealer

  • Seals minor leaks and cracks in most swimming pools and spas

  • Fast-acting - usually stops leaks in 24 hours

  • No need to empty pool or spa

Suncoast Leak Sealer Directions for Use

  1. Turn pool pump off.  If available, set the filtration system to "Bypass" or "Recirculate" to keep Leak Sealer from passing through the filtration system when the pump is running.  Remove filter grids or cartridge. 

  2. If the leak location is unknown, add the recommended dosage to the skimmer.  If you are sure of the location of the leak, pour the recommended dosage directly into the water at the area of the leak. 

  3. Where possible, attach a vacuum hose with the vacuum head resting at the deepest end of the pool / spa (normally by the main drain) to allow for optimum effect when the pool pump is turned back on. 

  4. Thirty minutes after application of leak sealer, turn the pump back on and allow it to run for at least eight hours. 

  5. Check your pool or spa to see if it is still losing water.  A second application may be necessary and can be made within the next 24 hours. 

  6. Replace the filter grids or cartridges after 24 hours and resume normal filtration.  Pool or spa may be entered 24 hours after application. 

Important Notes

  • Suncoast Leak Sealer should not be used when the rate of water loss exceeds 1" per day in a 15,000 gallon pool. 

  • One quart treats up to 15,000 gallons of water.

  • This product is not suitable for vinyl pools. 

  • When using this product, remove automatic pool cleaners from pool.

  • Do not allow this product to pass through the filtration system.

  • Do not exceed recommended dosage rate.

  • It is possible that fountain jets may block when this product is applied. 

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20 oz.


1 qt.


1 qt., 20 oz.