Suncoast Pool Chemicals Super Phosphate Remover

Suncoast Pool Chemicals Super Phosphate Remover
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Super Phosphate Remover

  • The strongest, most concentrated phosphate remover on the market

  • Swim immediately after application

  • 100% natural

  • Environmentally safe

  • 1 quart will treat up to 10,000 ppb (parts per billion) of phosphates

Suncoast Super Phosphate Remover is a non-toxic, highly concentrated solution formulated to eliminate phosphates from your swimming pool. One quart per 10,000 gallons of pool water will treat up to 10,000 ppb of phosphates.

Directions for Use

  1. Clean or backwash the pool filter and balance pool water before application.

  2. Test pool water for phosphate levels with a phosphate test kit.

  3. Turn on the circulation system. Follow the chart below and slowly add the required amount of Super Phosphate Remover evenly around the perimeter of the pool. Do not add more than 8 oz. at one time.

  4. The phosphate fallout may increase your pool filter's pressure. Clean or backwash your pool filter regularly.

Note: Super Phosphate Remover may cause clouding of the pool water. This is a normal reaction caused by the product bonding with the phosphates. Your filtration system will remove the bonded phosphates from the swimming pool. Allow several hours for the pool to clear.

super phosphate remover chart