Suncoast Pool Chemicals Ultra Mineral Control

Suncoast Pool Chemicals Ultra Mineral Control
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00910232 Ultra Mineral Control Qt Pool Stain Treatment $24.99

Suncoast Ultra Mineral Control

Suncoast Ultra Mineral Control is a non-toxic, non-phosphorus formulation for the control and prevention of scale and metal staining in swimming pools.  This innovative, patented mineral control formula is 100% natural, nonhazardous, and environmentally safe.  Suncoast Ultra Mineral Control:

  • Prevents and removes calcium scale from pool surfaces

  • Prevents metals from staining pool surfaces

  • Cleans and prevents scaling on salt chlorine generator cells, extending cell life

  • Works on all swimming pool finishes to help create a dazzling scale- and stain-free pool

  • Contains no phosphorus (phosphorus contributes to algae growth)

  • Does not cloud swimming pool water

  • Allows swimming immediately after application

A high-performance, multi-purpose, economical mineral control product, Suncoast Ultra Mineral Control is perfect for pool start-up because it stops calcium buildup before it starts!  When applied as directed, Ultra Mineral Control is compatible with all swimming pool surfaces and other treatment chemicals, including stain removal products. To determine the correct stain removal process, use Suncoast's Stain ID Test Kit. 

Suncoast Ultra Mineral Control Directions for Use

Initial Application: Add one quart of Ultra Mineral Control by pouring it into the skimmer or around the perimeter of the pool while the circulation pump is on.  Note: This initial dose may deplete the chlorine level in your pool; following application, test the free available chlorine level and adjust accordingly. 

Maintenance Application: Ensure pool water is properly balanced prior to application.  For calcium hardness levels less than 300 ppm, add six ounces of Ultra Mineral Control per 10,000 gallons of pool water per month.  For calcium hardness levels greater than 300 ppm, add six ounces per 10,000 gallons twice per month.