Swim Goggle, Nest Pro Goggle

Swim Goggle, Nest Pro Goggle
Item # Item Description Price Qty
65110082 Nest Pro Goggle-Smoke/Green/Black
65110090 Nest Pro Goggle-Smoke/Black/Black

Nest Pro™ Goggle

The Nest Pro™ Competition Swim Goggles are perfect for triathlons, open water and training.  Go fast or go home!

Features Include:

  • Embedded with anti-fog treatment retains clarity.

  • Latex free.

  • Unibody design  fits various facial types.

  • Wide peripheral range for optimal sighting.

  • Double strap adjustments.

  • Unique nest-like frame has a modern, grid-like effect intertwined for support.

  • Available in smoke/green/black and smoke/black/black.