Swim Vest, Float Coach

Swim Vest, Float Coach
Item # Item Description Price Qty
04123196 Float Coach Lime
04123204 Float Coach Pink

Float Coach

by Speedo

Begin to Swim Float Coach by Speedo provides the tool to teach a child confidence while learning to swim.  Safety always comes first for your child!!

Features Include:

  • Fabric straps and lining provide soft comfort.

  • Easily adjustable shoulder and side straps for perfect fit to enhance safety.

  • Padded leg strap fits securely and comfortably.

  • Great for helping young swimmers build confidence in the water.

  • Available in two bright colors: Lime Green and Pink.

  • Ages 2-5 years / Weight Capacity: 33-66 lbs.

NOTE:  Not a lifesaving device. Alert adult supervision is required when any child is in or near water.