Ultimate Water Clarifier

Ultimate Water Clarifier
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00910265 Water Clarifier - Ultimate 2oz $2.49
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Suncoast Ultimate Water Clarifier

Four Products in One!

  • Clarifies cloudy water

  • Helps prevent pool stains by removing minerals from water

  • Eliminates oil and scum

  • Improves pool filter efficiency

Suncoast Ultimate Water Clarifier is a multi-purpose natural polymer formulated to clear cloudy and discolored pool water.  Ultimate Water Clarifier sequesters metals that discolor pool water and flocculates dirt and other organic debris so they can be vacuumed out of your pool.

Ultimate Water Clarifier is safe for the environment because it is all-natural, but its effective formula removes excess metals, eliminates oils, and makes your swimming pool water sparkle!  Suncoast Ultimate Water Clarifier is safe to use with all sanitizers and helps pool filters run cleaner.

Clarifies Cloudy Water

Ultimate Water Clarifier coagulates the tiny particles and oily liquids that build up in your water so your pool filter can remove them.  But unlike single-purpose water clarifiers, this product does a lot more than just make your pool look clean. 

Helps Remove Metals

Like millions of microscopic magnets, Ultimate Water Clarifier gathers stain-causing metals like iron, copper, zinc and manganese and deposits them in your pool filter, where they stay until you flush them out.  But there's more....

Eliminates Oil & Scum Lines

Ultimate Water Clarifier takes the water-dulling soaps and oils out of your pool water, but will not deposit them on surfaces like other brands do.  Will these films clog your pool filter?  No; read on.....

Improves Pool Filter Efficiency

Any pool filter will leave a certain amount of unwanted material in your water.  Ultimate Water Clarifier allows your pool filter to trap these impurities and hold them without clogging.  How?  The molecular structure of our biopolymer keeps it and the impurities it holds on the filter media and not in the spaces that your water passes through.  So your pool filter can actually run longer between cleanings! 

Ultimate Water Clarifier Directions for Use

Step One: Clean or backwash your pool filter if applying initial dose. 

Step Two: Measure dosage (initial dosage of two oz. or maintenance dosage of one oz. per 5,000 gal.) and dilute in five gallons of water.  Pour around edge of pool.  If your water is especially dirty, you can double or triple the dosage. 

Step Three: Allow at least six hours of continuous filtration for best results. 

Step Four: Under normal conditions, use Ultimate Water Clarifier once per week for sparkling clear water. 

Ultimate Water Clarifier is safe for your family and our environment.  Use it regularly to keep your pool water bright and sparkling clear.