Water Tube, Double Chamber

Water Tube, Double Chamber
Item # Item Description Price Qty
01931013 Pool Cover Winter Water Bag Double Chamber 8'x12"
01931047 Pool Cover Winter Water Bag Double Chamber 10'x12"

Winter Pool Cover Water Tubes

Double-Chamber Winter Cover Water Tubes

Use double water tubes to more securely attach your winter cover to your inground pool (heavier tubes offer more security). Double water tubes are a better value because they don't "roll" like single water tubes and if one side breaks, the other keeps your cover attached. Attach them to spaced holders on your winter pool cover and use a garden hose to half-fill tubes (to allow for ice expansion).

  • Double chamber water tubes with UV inhibitor

  • Constructed of tough 18 gauge vinyl for durability

  • Economical yet long-lasting

  • Easy to fill and drain

  • More security and reliability than single water tubes

  • Available in 8' and 10' lengths