Zodiac Swimpure System

Zodiac Swimpure System
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19010115 Swimpure 5-25000Gal N2CN25 f/Star Clear Filters

Zodiac® Swim Pure Cartridge

The Swim Pure Nature2 Pool Cartridge drops into the cartridge filter of your inground or above-ground pool (up to 25,000 gallons). When you place a Nature2 Swim Pure Cartridge in your filter and activate the sanitizer, you'll see and feel the exhilarating difference in water quality. There are no changes to your system and no installation costs. It's that easy!

Note: This unit is specially-designed to fit inside Hayward Star-Clear cartridges. The unit fits inside the cartridge; it does not replace the filter.

Pool owners who switch from conventional pool chemical programs to the Nature2 System spend less time maintaining their pools. The minerals in the Nature2 system kill bacteria, allowing you to reduce pool chemical usage.

Swim Pure Nature2 Pool Cartridges last up to six months; the easy-to-use month indicator ring on the top of the cartridge will help you identify the date on which the cartridge should be replaced. Always turn the pool pump off prior to installing or changing a Nature2 cartridge. The minerals inside Nature2 are harmless, so it is safe for disposal with other household trash.