Nature 2 Mineral Spa Sanitizer

Nature 2 Mineral Spa Sanitizer
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19020288 Nature 2 Spa Sanitizer Stick

Nature 2 Mineral Spa Sanitizer

The Natural Alternative to Chlorine

  • Clean, clear spa water without spa chemicals

  • No more chlorine smell or eye irritation

  • Simply drop it into your spa filter

  • Improves water quality, reducing skin irritation and dryness

The Nature 2 Spa Sanitizer uses patented mineral-bed technology to destroy bacteria.  Its revolutionary process significantly improves the look, feel, and smell of your spa water by dramatically reducing chlorine and bromine requirements.  And the Nature 2 spa sanitizer makes spa maintenance easier than ever; it slips into your spa filter and lasts up to four months.

  • Simply drops right into your spa filter

  • Works with your existing filtration system

  • Offers hassle-free spa maintenance

  • Leaves water cleaner and softer

  • Works with all spa flow rates

  • Cartridge lasts four months

Nature 2 Spa Water - The Ultimate Spa Experience

Experience Nature 2 Spa Mineral Sanitizer and discover the joy of relaxing in crystal clear, luxurious spa water.  When you sanitize your spa water with Nature 2 sanitizer, you are able to create the perfect spa experience, free of the odors and irritants that chlorine and bromine can cause.  Nature 2 Spa even helps your spa water stay balanced, making your spa easier to maintain. 

The completely self-contained Nature 2 spa mineral sanitizer is easy to install.  There are no moving parts.  Nature 2 Spa just slips into your spa's filter, where it works as part of your spa's existing water circulation system to keep your spa water clean and bacteria-free.  If your spa is equipped with an ozonator, a Nature 2 Spa Mineral Sanitizer will greatly enhance its performance. 

Nature 2 mineral spa sanitizer is EPA-registered and can be used effectively for four months.  Best of all, it eliminates the messy and tedious chore of constantly adding chlorine or bromine to the spa.  After start-up, a small maintenance dose of non-chlorine based oxidizer is all you need.  Unlike chlorine and bromine, the Nature 2 Spa Mineral Sanitizer is unaffected by spa temperatures.        

With Nature 2 Spa, you can finally sit back, relax, and enjoy a soothing spa experience.  Isn't that the point of owning a spa in the first place? 

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