Porpoise Flexible Duo-Disc Vac Head

Porpoise Flexible Duo-Disc Vac Head
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02131209 Flexible Duo-Disc Vacuum f/ Concrete Pools $34.99

Pro Flex Duo-Disc Pool Vacuum

for Concrete Pools

Uses flexible disc technology originally developed for use on automatic pool cleaners!

The Pro Flex Duo-Disc Pool Vacuum for concrete pools uses automatic pool cleaner technology to achieve the best possible performance. The flexible disc technology this pool vacuum uses creates an optimized low-pressure zone on the underside of the cleaner for the best possible debris pick-up. 

The patented twin pivot on this pool vacuum provides much enhanced control - it has never been easier to maneuver a pool cleaner to the precise area of the pool that requires attention. Vacuuming your pool has never been faster or easier!

The suction point on this pool cleaner is positioned far forward, to ensure that debris is vacuumed out, not just moved around your pool! 

Measures 15" length x 12" width x 1" deep. Includes adapter for use with a standard telescopic pole; replacement adapter also available.

Toggle Lock Adapter

One toggle lock adapter for traditional pool poles is included with this pool vac head. Additional adapters may be purchased separately (item 02131456). The toggle lock adapter measures 6-1/2" long and is made to fit inside standard pool poles. The adapter is made of acrylonitrile styrene acrylate for toughness, chemical resistance, and thermal stability.